Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To impact and change our generation with the reality of Jesus.

Our Heartbeat


We believe LIFE is a place we call home. Our heartfelt desire is to see every person who calls LIFE home connected to God and to others – belonging.


We believe we all have God-given gifts to invest. From belonging comes investment – of time, money and resource. Where each person commits to being On Purpose.


We believe we should all continually mature. On Purpose people grow – in their relationship with God, as individuals and corporately. As people grow, so LIFE grows too.

Our Focuses


We see LIFE as a strong multi-centred church, united as a healthy family, prophetic and contemporary in nature, committed to excellence and the challenging of limiting mindsets, determined to team together to fulfill the purposes of God.


We see LIFE focusing and partnering actively to help and reach our community through care, relationship, example and declaration.


We see LIFE committed to connecting, equipping and releasing professional and business people in their God-given purpose.


We see LIFE carrying a Kingdom spirit, nationally and internationally influential, and dedicated to investing into like-minded ministries.

Our Values

  • Worship is our Wisdom
  • Excellence is our Essence
  • Servanthood is our Spirit
  • Time is our Testimony
  • People are our Priority
  • Partnership is our Privilege
  • Atmosphere is our Activity
  • Communication is our Commitment