Get Up and Grow

Saturday mornings were for watching cartoons. Curled up in a warm blanket, I would sit in front of the 13” TV we inherited from a family friend. “Click, click, click” the screen would randomly go black until I hit the top of it, bringing back the picture. It was annoying, but nothing was more excruciating than the cheery acoustic guitar riff marking the end of Saturday morning cartoons and the beginning of a gardening show with an overenthusiastic host. The show was called “Get Up and Grow.”
Now I don’t know a lot about gardening, likely because it ruined Saturday mornings, but I do know the basics. You plant a seed in the ground, water it, give it sunlight, and kill off any weeds that try to choke it out. Simple right? Wrong! There’s a reason a pack of a hundred seeds costs the same price as one plant. It takes time and it takes discipline. It requires a daily commitment to ensure the plant is watered, given sunlight, and free from weeds. Anyone else way rather sit on the couch and watch cartoons?
Every Sunday at church, after a few cheery guitar riffs and a greeting from an overenthusiastic host, we’re given a word. Imagine that word is a seed. The seed has so much potential, we love the seed. The seed is “so good.” It wow’s us. We thank the pastor for giving us such an incredible seed, before going home and completely forgetting about it. The seed soon dries up and dies, never reaching it’s potential.
We call ourselves gardeners, but we’d rather sit on the couch and watch cartoons than see a seed mature into a plant. What good is a gardener that doesn’t grow anything? That gardener cannot multiply the seeds they’re given and that gardener cannot produce fruit. Until we get off the couch and make a regular commitment to seeing growth in our lives, we will never reach our full potential. Instead of wasting the seeds we’re given, let’s get off the couch and build some discipline into our lives. Let’s get up and grow.


Ian Amundrud
Digital Marketing Content Creator