We’re Made For Each Other

It’s my first Friday morning off for the year and my plans for a low key start to the weekend have already been ruined by about 20-something 70-somethings and a gaggle of new mums with their brigade of strollers, taking over the cafe where I was planning to have my quiet time.
After voluntarily sacrificing my first-choice, quiet corner table for the benefit of the “East Coast Bays Walkers”, I’ve relocated to a nearby table in prime people-watching position as I tip tap away on my laptop, sipping on a double shot coffee and cutting bite-sized pieces off my date scone. I can’t help but chuckle to myself about the irony of the situation. The same place that I come to be alone is the same place that others come to be together.
No matter which table my eyes wander to, I see smiles of genuine friends for whom, this catch up is obviously not the first time. The walking group have matching printed t-shirts, apparently share similar taste in practical footwear, and I can overhear them sharing equally matching stories about what they did with their grandkids over the summer holidays. The bubs in their mums’ arms have similar body to chub ratio, which I can only conclude means that they must be around the same age. These groups have one thing in common – they were made for each other. They have things in common – they can share their life experiences, they’ll no doubt face similar challenges, they’ll be able to share recommendations, product reviews and hopefully also share in the struggles when things don’t go to plan.
Despite my introversion tendencies, I cannot deny that we were made for each other. Made to be in community with one another for a reason. As much as I love alone time to recharge my batteries, I am reminded not to neglect the rest that comes in community as well. It’s the type of rest in knowing that there are some things you don’t have to explain because the other person is feeling the same. The type of refreshment that comes with the realisation that you’re leaning in with the combined weight of those around you, and from sailing in the slipstream of those who are carving the path alongside you.
I’m sure you’ve all seen footage of a colony of emperor penguins, be it from a David Attenborough documentary or Happy Feet. To weather the storms, these penguins form a huddle ranging in size from ten to several hundred birds, each bird standing together, leaning forward on a neighbour to protect each other and themselves. Who is in your huddle? Or are you weathering the storm alone? 
This year, make people a priority. Make time for the people around you and make room for more people in your world, because there will be others out there with similar taste in practical footwear as you, and who understand your sleepless nights. There’s no need to do life alone when we were made for each other.


Jamie Wong
Marketing and Digital Manager