Staying Active at Home

There’s plenty of activity that can happen at home! Why not try a few of these physical challenges for some family fun and competition (all while burning some energy!)


1. Worship Workouts

Worship videos with actions.  If you want a way to get your kids to let off some steam get them up following the actions and worshipping.  Check out one of our favourites.

2. A Free PE Lesson

Got active kids? Give these free daily 30min PE lessons a go! 

3. STEM Challenges

For those who want to get their kids thinking, check out these great ideas for easy STEM projects  (science, technology, engineering and math). Materials are easy to find, most activities take an hour or less, and the STEM learning is limitless. projects for kids using stuff that you have (mostly) at home.

4. Treasure Hunts

A treasure hunt combined with a scavenger hunt could keep kids entertained for hours! Try this Picture Perfect Scavenger Hunt from Bible Games Central! Kids first have to find a verse to find what they are looking for then go find the object.