17th May Devotions

Read Psalm 23:3-4 

Think about the last time you played a game of tag. At the beginning of the game, how did you feel? And what about at the end?

When it comes to following God, there is some good news. When we’re tired of doing the right thing, God will guide us with new strength. And when things are really hard and it seems like everything is working against us, God promises to guide and comfort us.

Grab some sticky notes. Break today’s verse up into 3- or 4-word phrases, writing each phrase on a sticky note. Stick them on the floor to create a path. Step on the notes as you read the verse aloud. Spend some time thanking God for leading you and giving you the determination you need to keep going even when it gets tough


Read James 1:12 

Wouldn’t it be so awesome if every time you completed a big job or task, someone handed you a beautiful jewel covered crown?

That’s not the kind of crown today’s verse is talking about. The crown here is life, eternal life, forever with God. When you trust in Jesus as Savior, you can keep going with determination even when things get tough. Even when we’re the only one doing the right thing.

God promises that one day we will be with Him forever in a perfect place. And that’s way better than a crown that could be stolen or lost.

Grab a large piece of paper, draw the outline of a crown and cut it out. Write out the words of today’s verse (which is also this week’s memory verse!) on one side and decorate the other. Bring the ends together and staple to secure.

Ask Jesus to help you follow Him so that you can keep going even when it gets tough!


Read Galatians 6:9

Do you remember our definition for determination? Determination is deciding it’s worth it to finish what you’ve started. That’s easier said than done right? Because sometimes we get tired. Sometimes the task ahead seems impossibly big.

What if you took a cue from Anna in Frozen 2 and simply chose the next right thing? In the song, Anna sings about not looking too far ahead and making the next right choice.

Anna sang this song because she felt completely alone.

But when it comes to following God, we are never alone.

Maybe instead of thinking about the great big thing in front of you, you should start smaller instead. Just do the next right thing—the thing right in front of you. Ask God to remind you that He is with you every step of the way so that you can keep going, even when it’s tough.


Read Philippians 3:13-14 

Following Jesus is a bit like running a tough race. The twists and turns on the course a runner faces are like the hard things that happen to us. Just like a runner gets tired and has to push on, we have to keep going even when we’d rather give up.

With an adult’s permission, challenge yourselves to run around the block together (with the adult!). If that feels fairly easy, challenge yourself to run around the block again.

Ask God to help you push forward with determination.

He will help you even when it gets tough.