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LIFE Business Night Presentations


28 June Dr Elizabeth Berryman – Founder & Director of chnnl

29 March Isreal Cooper – Purpose-Driven Business


19 October – Success Factors: Resilience, Innovation and Purpose


17 August – Insights on NZ’s Position, Future Outlook & Technology Trends


1 June – Strategic Planning, Leadership, Styles, Staff & Self Well-being


25 May – Leveraging leadership support, Advisory panels & boards, Contractual & employment law, Health & safety


18 May – Looking to the future, COVID impact on property, Commercial & residential property insights


11 May – Leading employees & teams, Commercial property, Banking, Sourcing capital


4 May – COVID helicopter view, Managing cash flow, Tax assistance & changes


20 April – Mark Rice and Earl Gasparich


14 October – Bronny Jacobsen


8 July – Lions Den


18 March – Andrew Simkins

LIFE Business Podcasts

Episode 1: Ps Tim Segedin & John Read talk about Business in Lockdown

Join Ps Tim Segedin and John Read as they discuss how we navigate doing business during this time of lockdown

Episode 2: Ps Tim Segedin & Mark Greaney on Lockdown Learnings: Insights into looking after our teams well

Join Ps Tim Segedin & Mark Greaney as they discuss some key insights on how we can make sure we are looking after our teams during this season.

Episode 3: Ps Tim Segedin and Nick Kotze on Business Success, Purpose and Interest Rate Movements

Join Ps Tim Segedin & Nick Kotze as they discuss Business Success, Purpose and Interest Rate Movements

Episode 4: Ps Tim Segedin and Ken Chin on Business Adventures and Practical Health and Wellness Advice

Join Ps Tim Segedin and Ken Chin on business adventures and practical health and wellness advice for you and your teams.

Tools For Success



28 June – Young Adults in Business: Starting From Scratch – Jonathan Lum, Anatolie Gasan and Sussan Ockwell


19 October – Investing – Where to from here?

LIFE Business Night School

Business Night classes cover a range of topics for self-employed, small and medium sized businesses, or those looking to step into business, start-up or build their business acumen. The style of classes ranges from game and business simulation learning to workshop style classes presented by industry practitioners.

These classes are run each term - Click below for the dates and topics.