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LIFE Business Night Presentations


17 August – Insights on NZ’s Position, Future Outlook & Technology Trends


1 June – Strategic Planning, Leadership, Styles, Staff & Self Well-being


25 May – Leveraging leadership support, Advisory panels & boards, Contractual & employment law, Health & safety


18 May – Looking to the future, COVID impact on property, Commercial & residential property insights


11 May – Leading employees & teams, Commercial property, Banking, Sourcing capital


4 May – COVID helicopter view, Managing cash flow, Tax assistance & changes


20 April – Mark Rice and Earl Gasparich


14 October – Bronny Jacobsen


8 July – Lions Den


18 March – Andrew Simkins

Business 101 Classes

LIFE Business Night School

Business Night classes cover a range of topics for self-employed, small and medium sized businesses, or those looking to step into business, start-up or build their business acumen. The style of classes ranges from game and business simulation learning to workshop style classes presented by industry practitioners.

These classes are run each term - Click below for the dates and topics coming soon.

Past Night School Classes

Goal Setting and Planning | Business Essentials

Accounting 101 | Business Essentials

Legal 101 | Business Essentials

People 101 | Business Essentials

Marketing and Digital Marketing | Business Essentials