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Welcome to one2one, it's a privilege to have you join us on what we know will be a fantastic journey for you. one2one is all about one person helping someone new to connect in a greater way to God and His church.

If you are a new Christian, one2one provides you with a friend who can show you the ropes of starting the life changing journey of a relationship with Jesus. Or, if you're already in a relationship with Jesus but new to LIFE, one2one provides the opportunity to meet great people and have someone walk beside you while you're settling in. That someone might be a person who perhaps has similar interests as yourself or is of a similar age or lives locally to you, we like to call them a one2one Connector. They will be there to help you build your relationship with God and His church.

For those of you already well established in your faith and church, we'd love to encourage you to take the step of becoming a one2one Connector. There's no greater privilege of sharing the journey with someone who is new to church and Christianity and seeing them discovering a relationship with Jesus in a greater way.

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet a one2one Connector, or would like to start the journey of being a one2one Connector, or just have any questions about one2one please contact your Connection Pastor.

Foundations of Christianity

Whether you are considering Christianity, new to Christianity, or wanting to establish some foundational principles for a successful Christian life, the LIFE one2one Foundation of Christianity videos and guides is the perfect series for you.

Your Connection Pastor will be able to match you with a one2one Connector who you can go through the Foundations with at your own pace. Once you've been matched with a one2one Connector you can arrange a time and location that suits you both to start working through each lesson together.

The 7 short videos (available on this site or the information desk at any LIFE campus) watched in conjunction with the LIFE one2one Foundations of Christianity booklet (which you can collect from the information desk at any LIFE Campus), will give you a broad understanding of the principles of Christianity. You can watch and read these in the comfort of your own home, in a cafe or even at the park. Anywhere that suits you and your one2one Connector.

You can access these video's in our WATCH section at the bottom of this page.

Please contact your Connection Pastor for more information about one2one, becoming a one2one connector or passwords for the LIFE one2one videos”. We also have one2one groups meeting at each campus during the week. Check out our Groups page for more info on these.

Becoming a One2One Connector

Being a one2one Connector is about investing into the lives of those who are looking for deeper relationships (in or outside the church walls) and to those who are new to church or Christianity.

No matter where you are on the journey there is someone who can use your experience as encouragement and inspiration.

The Great Commission calls us to go and make disciples of all nations and we're excited to have you on board to see this become a reality.

How can I encourage someone else on their journey?

one2one can be broken down into the acronym below.

Open your life up to someone else, be a transparent and genuine friend.

Nurture to Baptism - For those that are new to Christianity, introduce them to a growing relationship with Jesus through to the point of baptism. This will include working through the one2one Foundations.

Engage in church. Encourage your one2one person to connect with others in church by getting them involved.

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The first port of call if you're interested in becoming a one2one Connector is to contact your Connection Pastor. They're looking forward to hearing from you.


Foundations 1: God's Bottom Line

Foundations 2: Who Am I Really?

Foundations 3: The Journey Begins

Foundations 4: Baptism

Foundations 5: Holy Spirit

Foundations 6: Understanding the Challenge

Foundations 7: Living a Life on Purpose