It's now more than ever that we need to stay connected!

If you're already part of a Group at LIFE, there's a good chance you'll be meeting online during this season. See below for some quick guides on how to use some of the more popular platforms as well as participant guides for Alpha.


From any browser, go to:


Available through your Gmail inbox add-ons.

Smartphone App

Search "Hangouts" on the App Store or Google Play

You will need:
• A Connected smartphone or device (with camera and microphone access enabled).
• A Zoom Account - you can sign up for a free account on
• Please note that with a "free" Zoom account, it has a time limit of 40 mins, however you can always continue your group session by creating and jumping on another call!

2 Easy Ways to Access Zoom:


Download the Zoom app here


Search "Zoom" on the App Store or Google Play.