About the course

Shine Women: Strength. Meaning. Purpose

Shine Women is a unique personal development and group mentoring course that uses an inspirational, practical and experiential approach to learning. This programme is founded upon the premise that every life counts and has intrinsic value, and fosters an awareness of this belief. As a result, women are equipped to become effective global citizens for the future.

This course is designed to equip women to:
Identify themselves as valuable with much to contribute
Build confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
Develop respect and boundaries in relationships
Understand they are able to have a positive influence in their world
Identify personal desires and strengths to motivate them to set and achieve personal goals


$40 per person




Every Tuesday from 10th October – for 8 weeks

Who is this course for?

For all women who want to develop understanding of her own personal worth, strength and purpose and realise the potential within her to fulfil her desires.

What topics are covered?

Over eight sessions you will explore:

I HAVE WORTH – Body and soul I am wonderfully made
The focus for these session is for women to understand for themselves that they are valuable. Their uniqueness is something to celebrate and that they have been wonderfully made.

I HAVE STRENGTH! – Choose life
These sessions explore the power of choice and the power that decisions have on shaping a person’s future. This is addressed through practical sessions about feelings, convictions, decision-making, and problem-solving.

I HAVE PURPOSE! – I have a hope and a future
Purpose is examined through exploring personal hopes, dreams and desires. Goal setting, group discussions on potential talents and practical activities, are used to equip and build confidence to live out a purpose-filled, adventurous life.

What is included in the course?

Course book is supplied.