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"Honour the Lord with your wealth"
- Proverbs 3:9

Ways to Give

At LIFE, we believe it is our privilege and responsibility to honour God in the bringing of our tithes and offerings to our local Church. This timeless principle is God’s prescribed way to fund the Church’s mission on earth. We’ve streamlined this process with the ways to give below, to help make the opportunity to give quick and accessible.

Internet Banking

(ASB) 12-3048-0306512-00

AP Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tithe number?

Your LIFE tithe number is a unique identifier number on your member record. When your tithe number is referenced on your giving it helps us ensure that we record your giving correctly.

How do I get a tithe number?

Email the finance team at [email protected] with your full name and contact phone number. Every member has a unique number but if you and your spouse would like the same number then please let the team know. You can also visit your campus information desk on a Sunday to complete a tithe request form.

Can I give from my business?

Yes you can make donations from your Business. You can send the business name and contact details through to accounts and we will load them in the database and issue a tithe number.

What are the different ways to give to LIFE?

There are multiple ways to give to LIFE, always clearly reference your full name and tithe number:

– On a Sunday you can give via EFTPOS, Cash or Credit Card at a drop box or giving Stations.        For security credit card numbers are not stored

– Internet Banking: 12-3048-0306512-00. REF: Your tithe number, Particulars: Your name.     If you need to make any changes to your regular payments this is your responsibility as LIFE do not have access to pause, stop or alter payments direct from your bank account.

– Online Giving / Pushpay with credit card Give to LIFE (

Can I set up a recurring donation to LIFE?

Yes you can – directly via internet banking or online with Pushpay or you can contact the finance team with your credit card and donation details and they will set this up. Always be mindful of updating us with your new credit card expiry dates.

How do I give to LIFE Community?

Life Community exist to bring help and hope through social services and education. You can donate directly to them by following the link and reading about all the incredible initiatives that they are running;  LIFE Community – Bringing Help and Hope

How do I claim my charity rebate from the NZ government?

You can claim 33.33 cents for every dollar you donate to approved charities and organisations by completing an IR526. LIFE is a registered charity:

Donee Organisation Name – C L C Auckland Trust, Charities Commission number – CC22520

For all donations recorded under your name and tithe number LIFE will issue a Donation Certificate Summary for the period of giving 1 April – 31 March. These will be emailed out in mid-April but at the end of February an update will be sent out to confirm all the current details and amounts are correct.

It is important that LIFE has your correct contact details including official name and whether you want combined or separate receipts with your spouse to help ensure a timely processing of the donation certificate summaries.

For further details about the government regulations and instructions on tax credits for donations please follow the link: Tax credits for donations (

If you have any further finance or donation related questions you can contact us at [email protected]