About the Course

Faith in Business: Women leading in the Marketplace

In today's dynamic landscape, women in business are presented with unprecedented opportunities, thanks to significant societal and attitudinal shifts. However, along with these opportunities come distinct challenges that women must navigate.

Our panel of diverse speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to address common issues such as effective communication and negotiation strategies tailored for women. They will also delve into the intricacies of how to navigate success, disappointment and waiting seasons all while building businesses with a kingdom-focused approach.

The collective expertise of our speakers ensures a comprehensive and insightful learning journey. From a faith perspective, they will provide you with valuable insights that not only empower your professional endeavors but also allow you to connect with like-minded women in a supportive and enriching environment.


$40 per person




Every Tuesday from 10th October – for 4 weeks

Who is this course for?

For female business owners, leaders within business or aspiring leaders wanting to grow themselves and their business.

What topics are covered?

Over four sessions you will explore:
Confidence, communication and navigating challenging conversations for women
Navigating disappointment and thriving through the seasons of waiting
Crafting purpose-driven businesses in the marketplace
Faith in business panel: insights from a successful Entrepreneur and businesswoman

What is included in the course? 

Handouts will be supplied during the course.