What is Sistahood?

Sistas stick together. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that a woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. And it’s in those ‘hot water’ moments when you need your girl gang the most!

As women, we are blessed with the ability to inspire, strengthen and share our lives with each other in a very personal and unique way. So we’d love to provide you with the opportunity to find a great bunch of ladies who you can do this journey of life with and do just that – inspire, strengthen & share!

Sistahood Night: 2022

Check out our panel message, hosted by Ps Melissa de Jong, where we talk about the topic of "A Fresh Yes" - something we all need to hear at the beginning of each year!
Let's remain expectant in this season and always be prepared for a word from God - He has something new for each and every one of us.

HER Magazine

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Together We Are...


Sistahood Nights and Sistas Conference is our opportunity to gather as a company of women. These events focus on specific themes that add value to our womanhood, packaged with so many extras that create the memorable Sistahood experience that so many love.


There are a variety of mid-week Groups that meet on a regular basis throughout Auckland – everything from Groups for High schoolers, playgroups for young mums, coffee Groups for those in their “seasoned” years, and Bible studies written by women, for women.


At every Sistahood event, we invite you to contribute to a chosen cause that is making an incredible impact in our local community for children or women. In the past, we have seen hundreds of gifts contributed to organisations such as The Middlemore Foundation, Barbados, Lovepacks, A Girl Called Hope & Shine Girl.

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